The Sunday Rounds

Visualizing the European migration surge, Arab atheism, Tokyo Pride, and more in today’s Rounds…

Race, Ethnicity & Nationality

  • Separatist Anglophone Cameroonians face continual crackdown by government. (AllAfrica)
  • Germany commemorates liberation of Nazi camps 70 years ago. (AP)
  • Sarajevan Jews experience post-war resurgence in Bosnia-Herzegovina. (Al Jazeera)
  • Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty shares an ongoing documentary series highlighting the ethnic Kyrgyz community in Tajikistan. (RFE)

Immigrants, Refugees & Displaced Peoples

Religion & Belief


  • Health survey finds 1 in 10 men, 4 in 10 women in Kenya are subject to domestic violence. (Nairobi News)
  • Similarly, Ukrainian domestic violence hotline contends with uptick in calls, connects to eastern violence. (RFE)
  • Kenyan woman Emma Nyambura Gichonge leads major IT project to move special servers from Germany to Kenya. (Daily Nation)
  • Post-Arab Spring gains in women’s rights and participation in conflict resolution in Yemen in decline as political divisions and conflict intensifies. (World Politics Review)
  • Interview with Iranian acid attack victim Ameneh Bahrami highlights question of appropriate justice in these cases. (Guardian)
  • After significant delay, Loretta Lynch confirmed as first black female Attorney General in the U.S. (CS Monitor)

Gender & Sexual Minorities

  • Inside Chile‘s private, unregulated “dehomosexualization” clinics. (NACLA)
  • A concise breakdown of the legal situation and potential consequences of the U.S. Supreme Court’s hearing of same-sex marriage cases on Tuesday. (AP)
  • U.S.-based National Organization for Marriage looks to global stage as marriage equality expands in the U.S. (BuzzFeed)
  • Upper house of Indian parliament passes trans rights bill, moving it to the lower house where it may face bureaucratic inertia. (BuzzFeed)
  • Michael Berry, first special envoy for LGBT rights in the U.S. State Department, speaks on his role. (USA Today)
  • Tokyo Rainbow Pride sees around 3,000 in attendance and welcomes changing attitudes in Japan. (Japan Times)

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