The Monday Rounds

Australian protests against Aboriginal displacement, a Kenyan woman’s footprint on the beer and spirits industry, Thailand’s confrontation of human trafficking, Central Africa Republic’s new forum to heal nation following religiously driven civil war, and more in today’s Rounds…

Race, Ethnicity & Nationality


  • Legislation in Indonesian regency North Aceh mandates gender-segregated education and will take up ban on mixed-gender motorbike riding. (Bangkok Post)
  • Following the reported rescue of 700 captives from Boko Haram over the last week in Nigeria, stories begin to emerge of the conditions captives faced. (AP, via Times of India)
  • Another woman reportedly molested on a bus in Punjab (India), only four days after an earlier incident. (Times of India)
  • Palestinian women turn to their unique embroidering skills to support their families. (Al-Monitor)
  • Tabitha Karanja takes on Kenyan and international beer and spirits giants in an industry that sees few female leaders. (BBC)

Immigrants, Refugees & Displaced Peoples

Religion & Belief

  • Two gunmen killed after opening fire and wounding a police officer at the Muhammad Art Exhibit in Texas (U.S.), which included a “Draw the Prophet” contest after the location held a “Stand with the Prophet” event in January. (NYT)
  • Al Qaeda claims responsibility for murders across South Asia of writers who wrote critically of Islam. (NYT)
  • Tajik officials rebuke local officers for forced beard-shavings of Muslims, but the actions are part of a string of incidents of the secular state’s crackdown on the expression of Muslim identity in the Muslim-majority nation. (RFE/RL, The Diplomat)
  • The demographics of nonbelievers in the U.S. are shifting and diversifying as more women and people of color join the ranks. (Guardian)
  • Central African Republic opens national reconciliation forum to finalize the end of conflict between Muslim rebels in the north and the Christian majority in the south. (Reuters)

Gender & Sexual Minorities

  • Following High Court’s rule regarding LGBT organizations, Kenyan Deputy President says homosexuality has no place in a Christian nation like Kenya, Kenya’s absence of state-sponsored religion notwithstanding. (Daily Nation)
  • A child’s right to family and the continuing battle for adoption rights for same-sex couples is explored through an American’s quest to adopt two young boys in Colombia. (El Espectador, in Spanish)
  • The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the National Center for Transgender Equality announce partnership to address workplace discrimination trans individuals face, including restroom access. (IBT)
  • U.S.-based lesbian woman suing Saudi Arabian Airlines for failure to assure against discrimination or harassment during her and her partner’s travel, drawing attention to the murky legal areas surrounding international travel. (LGBT Weekly)


  • Protests against recent changes in government labor policies and response to last year’s ferry disaster erupt in South Korea on May Day. (AP, via NYT)

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