The Monday Rounds

Two thousand migrants found abandoned by traffickers in Indonesia and Malaysia, the difficulties of Indonesia’s religious minorities, music and cultural history for Japan’s Okinawans, recognizing the choice of childlessness for women, a rainbow crosswalk in Chile, and more in today’s news rounds…

Race, Ethnicity & Nationality


  • In addition to child care, cultural expectations for Japanese women to bear the responsibility of elder care stifle the new push for gender equality in the workplace. (Japan Times)
  • In Afghanistan, religious authorities challenge women’s rights activists, newly emboldened after protests surrounding the death of Farkhunda, the 27-year-old woman burned to death after falsely accused of burning the Qur’an. (
  • Hong Kong (China) rights group points to gender stereotypes in media as contributing to gender inequity. (South China Morning Post)
  • As Mother’s Day passes, Maria del Carmen Alanis, a senior Mexican electoral official, asks that a woman’s choice not to have children also be appreciated.

Migration & Displacement

  • Indonesian and Malaysian officials rescue or discover nearly 2,000 migrants after having reportedly been dumped into the sea by smugglers. (Guardian)
  • A boon for American and European mouths and Thai government coffers, Thailand‘s fishing industry, driven in part by human trafficking and exploitation, faces increased global scrutiny and crackdown. (CNN)
  • Human Rights Watch reports abuses in Saudi Arabia‘s detention and deportation of undocumented workers. (Human Rights Watch)
  • Burundians flee to Tanzania to escape political violence embroiling the country. (Reuters)

Religion & Belief

Sexual & Gender Identity

In Addition

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