The Tuesday Rounds

The U.K.’s new diverse class of MPs, gender discrimination in Hollywood, Singapore government’s role in “religious harmony,” LGBT activism in Lebanon, and more in today’s news rounds…

Race, Ethnicity & Nationality

  • New reading initiative brings together burgeoning Arabic children’s literature scene, Israeli Arab children’s imaginations, and parental participation in kindergartens in Israel‘s Arab communities. (Times of Israel)
  • Meanwhile, Ethiopian Israeli activists call for structural changes and meaningful reform as government officials and social agencies reach out to the community. (Times of Israel)
  • A brief profile of the Rohingya, whose statelessness makes them prime targets for human trafficking in Southeast Asia. (Al Jazeera)


Migration & Displacement

  • Niger, a node among the vast West and North African human trafficking networks, becomes first West African country to pass law addressing human smuggling. (Reuters)
  • The UN warns of looming humanitarian crisis in Southeast Asia as smuggled migrants have been abandoned by traffickers to the waters off the coasts of Thailand and Malaysia. (Reuters)
  • A profile of the situation faced by Libyan families who have fled to Tunisia. (PRI)
  • Sitting at the crossroads of bilateral European-African migration, Morocco makes strides in developing rights-conscious migration policy, though not without setbacks. (World Policy Review)

Religion & Belief

  • Singapore PM Lee Hsien Loong defends his administration’s policing of racial and religious discourse and relations.  His remarks come on the heels of the controversy surrounding the arrest of teenage blogger in Singapore, now released on bail, for offending religious sensibilities, among other things. (Straits Times)
  • Militants murder secular blogger in Bangladesh, the third in less than three months. (Reuters)

Sexual & Gender Identity

  • Market research by advertising firm Dentsu finds 1 in 13 Japanese now publicly identify as LGBT, up from 1 in 19 in 2012. (Global Voices)
  • “Gay panic” still on the books in Queensland and South Australia (Australia) as legal defenses despite banishment in other six major states and territories. (VICE)
  • U.S. Food & Drug Administration drafts proposal to allow gay and bisexual men who have been celibate for a year to give blood. (HuffPo)
  • Proud Lebanon calls for the institution of civil rights for Lebanon‘s LGBT citizens. (Lebanese Examiner}


  • The U.K. elections will bring in the most women and ethnic minority as well as LGB MPs in the history of the House of Commons. (Guardian, PinkNews)

In Addition

  • Monrovian (Liberia) women, empathizing with the devastation in Nepal from their Ebola-ravaged community, send financial support in solidarity. (BuzzFeed)

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