The Week’s Rounds

Israel nixes bus segregation plans, the U.K. takes strong stance against undocumented immigrant labor, Russian bill looks to criminalize abortion procedures, a British Muslim woman takes on ISIS through poetry, Ireland celebrates passing of same-sex marriage referendum, and 35 other stories in this week’s news rounds…

Race & Ethnicity

  • Palestinians in Jerusalem express frustration over Israel‘s annual Jerusalem Day march. (NYT)
  • Ambivalence permeates attitudes regarding the Mexican women’s national soccer team’s reliance on U.S. players. (NYT)
  • Israeli Defense Minister attempts to defend rationale for nixed de facto bus segregation plan. (Times of Israel)
  • In China, the uncounted Hmong minority faces a catch-22 under official ethnic relations policy. (East Asia Forum)
  • Malaysia moves forward with dam project that could forcefully displace a number of indigenous populations. (Global Voices)
  • Protests and arrests erupt in Cleveland (U.S.) following acquittal of police officer involved in the shooting death of two unarmed African-Americans.  (

Migration & Displacement


Religion & Belief

Sexual & Gender Identity

  • Ireland voters approve same-sex marriage referendum, becoming the first country to usher in same-sex marriage rights through popular vote. (NYT)
  • But a study reminds that the fight for personal security does not end with the results of the Irish Referendum. (Irish Times)
  • PlanetRomeo releases the Gay Happiness Index, a global ranking of nations by reported happiness by a 115,000-person sample. (PlanetRomeo)
  • U.S. State Department LGBT Rights Special Envoy plans tour through Latin America, Europe, Jamaica, and Uganda. (BuzzFeed)
  • Argentine judges reduce the sentence for a man convicted of sexually abusing a 6-year-old boy, citing the boy’s transvestism and “precocious choice of that sexuality.” (BuzzFeed)
  • Support for same-sex marriage in the U.S. at an all-time high, according to Gallup poll. (Gallup)
  • U.S. Boy Scouts President calls for end of national ban on gay scout leaders. (NYT)

Health & Ability

  • With the percentage of jailed persons afflicted with mental illness in the U.S. at alarming highs, government and public health officials work to create solutions that reroute from incarceration to treatment. (Stateline)
  • A follow-up to a 2013 report on disability hate crime response in the U.K. finds unimplemented recommendations and inadequate community service. (Guardian)

In Addition

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