Although same-sex marriage is not recognized in Northern Ireland, the Belfast City Council votes in support of changing the law.
  • Councillors vote 38-13 in favor of legalization.
  • Though the vote doesn’t have any legal effects, supporters hope it will help spur the Northern Ireland Assembly to become the last country in the British Isles to legalize the union.
  • Homosexuality was decriminalized in Northern Ireland in 1982, a decade before the Republic of Ireland, where same-sex marriage is now legal.

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Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission finds government committed “cultural genocide” against Canadian indigenous peoples for more than a century.
  • Report finds 3,201 died while in the schools–often because of mistreatment or neglect–though some research suggests more.
  • The Commission offers 94 recommendations, including the adoption of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, child welfare system reform and amendment of Canada’s oath of citizenship.
  • Canadian aboriginals still face structural inequality, being disproportionately incarcerated and present in child welfare caseloads.

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Image Source: Library and Archive of Canada, via The New York Times

Man assaults transgender woman with plastic bottle before pushing her onto the subway tracks in possible hate crime in New York.
  • Onlookers pulled the woman from the tracks before a train entered the station.
  • The New York Police Department’s Hate Crimes Task Force is searching for a man identified in surveillance video.
  • Homicides against transwomen have been high across the U.S. for the first half of 2015.

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Slovak NGOs push for legal partnership recognition for same-sex and unmarried heterosexual couples.
  • Initiative Inakost is coordinating efforts to get “Life Partnership” status recognized by government, bestowing rights and protections upon same-sex and unmarried heterosexual couples.
  • Slovakian Ombudswoman Dubovcová supports the creation of the status.
  • The initative is also pushing for same-sex couple adoption rights.

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Image Source: SME

A member of the Federal National Council of the UAE proposes a tax on remittances exported by foreign workers.
  • 80% of the UAE population is non-native, with the country relying heavily on foreign workers for unskilled labor.
  • The rise in costs associated with such a tax could make the Arab world’s second biggest economy less attractive to foreign talent, though the Finance Minister says the socioeconomic impact has yet to be studied and is not currently under consideration.
  • Employees transferred a net Dh45.1 billion ($12.3 billion) out of the country last year, an increase from Dh41.2 the year before.

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Pop-up restaurant Mazi Mas’s open menu creates unique opportunities for immigrant women in London.
  • Founder/CEO Nikandre Kopcke, himself German and Greek-American, offers not only work opportunity but also entrepreneurial lessons to its workers.
  • Women from Brazil, China, Ethiopia, Iran, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Peru, the Philippines, Senegal, and Turkey have worked with Mazi Mas.
  • Kopcke hopes for international expansion, including to Berlin and hopefully New York.

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Image Source: Bloomberg, via Gulf News

Slovak government claims incest effects as cause of disproportionate Roma representation in “special schools,” angering advocates for the marginalized community. More from The Slovak Spectator.

Turkey sees its first openly gay candidate run for political office as provincial candidate for the pro-Kurdish, minority-friendly HDP (People’s Democratic Party).  More from PinkNews.

In a country where “Israel” and “Jew” are often conflated, Turkish Jews grow increasingly concerned by official anti-Semitic statements. More from The Times of Israel.

In advance of Pride Month, President Obama releases statement reflecting on political victories and unfinished LGBT rights work. More from Washington Blade.