Image Credit: Todd Wiseman/Texas Tribune
Federal appeals court upholds Texas restrictions on abortion providers, worrying reproductive rights advocates
  • The U.S. 5th Court of Appeals has ruled that the requirement that clinics meet ambulatory surgical center standards (including infrastructural requirements) does not impose undue burden on such clinics.
  • With only a handful of clinics meeting those standards, many clinics face closure unless they are able to make the costly upgrades.
  • In its lawsuit against the state, the Center for Reproductive Rights asked for exemptions for two clinics from the requirement that doctors have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles from the clinic, which was granted to one of the two.

“The 5th Circuit has once again put their political ideology above the law and failed to recognize that HB 2 is an undue burden on Texans’ access to safe, legal and timely abortion. … Your zip code should not determine your health care.”

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(Image Credit: Todd Wiseman/Texas Tribune)