Ethnic minority youth in the U.S. face high levels of disconnection from school and work, according to new report
  • The Measure of America study finds that while youth disconnection rates have fallen in the post-recession period, African-American and Native American youth lead disconnection rates at 21.6% and 20.3%, respectively, with Latinos following at 16.3%; levels are lowest among Asian Americans (7.9%) and whites (11.3%).
  • Disconnection often occurs among youth in struggling families who lack the resources or connection to resources that provide educational and economic opportunity.
  • Residential segregation exacerbates disconnection likelihood as minority-concentrated neighborhoods often see divestment in services and resources, including schools.

“This time of life is hugely important to what kind of life you live as an adult. … Disconnection really stunts your development and leads to a future of limited horizons and unrealized potential, and that has a very high cost on the individual and on society.”

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