Image Credit: via The Times of Israel
Israel’s Taglit-Birthright program celebrates its 500,000th participant
  • Founded at the turn of the millennium by Michael Steinhardt and Charles Bronfman, Taglit-Birthright provides free 10-day identity-building trips to Israel for Jewish youth around the world.
  • The young American woman who presented the co-founders with celebratory reminders of the beginnings of the program shares her story of reconnecting with an identity lost to her when her parents passed in her childhood.
  • Since 2000, 500,000 Jews aged 18-26 from more than 66 countries have participated.

“Molly embodies what Taglit, literally translated as ‘discovery,’ is all about, as she travels to define herself as a member of the Jewish community for the rest of her life.”

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(Image Credit: via The Times of Israel)