Image Credit: Screenshot, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
New campaign pushes for increased visibility and support for the HIV+ community in Moldova
  • As HIV+ individuals suffer high levels of discrimination and alienation in the Eastern European country, the Initiativa Pozitiva is showcasing afflicted individuals to banish invisibility and build empathy
  • Participants hope the campaign will increase community and prevention awareness, helping to stem the tide of the disease.
  • One couple share their stories and work with the communities vulnerable to the disease.

“We are trying to show that we are normal people.  We don’t grow horns, we don’t have fangs: we are ordinary, normal people.  Sometime in 2003 we decided we would not give any more interviews with the camera showing the backs of our heads or with pixelated faces because there is already too much stigma and discrimination, and this stigma and discrimination creates the perfect environment for the further spread of the epidemic.”

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