Image Credit: Mick Tsikas/AAP, via the Guardian

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Children of convicted terrorists in Australia could see their citizenship stripped under proposed law
  • Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has introduced a bill in parliament that would automatically remove Australian citizenship for those whose conduct is identified with terrorist activity, who travel abroad to fight with Australian enemies or terrorist organizations, or those convicted of terrorism by Australian courts.
  • Children could have their nationality removed as well if they are dual nationals unless there is a remaining Australian national parent who can care for them.
  • The immigration minister would retain the ability to reinstate citizenship without judicial oversight as a stopgap measure.

“The fact is, if you are a terrorist and you have left our country to fight with a terrorist movement that regards our way of life as in some way satanic, it is saying to us, submit or die, which hates our freedom, which hates our tolerance, which hates the welcome that we give to minorities, which hates everything about the way we live – frankly why should we consider you to be one of us?”

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(Image Credit: Mick Tsikas/AAP, via the Guardian)