Image Credit: Jassim Mohammed/Reuters

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Kuwait mourns 27 killed in IS attack on Shiite mosque
  • Injuring an additional 200, Friday’s attack on the Imam Sadeq mosque in Kuwait City was claimed by the Islamic State’s Wilayat of Najd division, which was also responsible for similar recent attacks in Saudi Arabia.
  • Kuwait has largely been shielded from the sectarian strife that has permeated the region, but the Shia community has felt it would only be a matter of time before violence arrived in Kuwait.
  • Saudi and Bahraini Shiites joined thousands of Kuwaitis who attended the funeral ceremonies.

“We had sectarianism before Syria. There were examples, even in parliament, of language that was very strong. We had tensions, but there was no violence. No attacks. No bombing.”

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(Image Credit: Jassim Mohammed/Reuters)