Image Credit: IBM photo, via SAinfo

South Africa News | Black Women

IBM South Africa launches new program devoted to entrepreneurship and STEM education for black South Africans
  • The IBM South Africa Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Equity Equivalent Investment Programme will devote millions of South African rands to skills education, financial and professional development support for small and medium-sized businesses, and the construction of a new research hub in Johannesburg.
  • The program is focused on supporting information, communication, and technology entrepreneurship and business development in South Africa’s black communities, particularly among black women.
  • The program’s academic components will support undergraduate, Master’s, and doctoral students through scholarships, internships, and supplementary courses and projects.

“The equity equivalent programmes are expected to contribute towards the achievement of enterprise creation and development, foreign direct investment, accelerated growth and development of black rural women and youth, sustainable growth and development, human development with focus on education and skills development, infrastructure investment with an emphasis on developing the country’s research and development infrastructure.”

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(Image Credit: IBM photo, via SAinfo)