Afghanistan News | Women

First woman nominated to Supreme Court in Afghanistan

  • President Ashraf Ghani put forth Anisa Rasooli for parliamentary approval to join the nine-member court.
  • Rasooli has had a distinguished career in the juvenile court system and as director of the Afghan Women Judges Association, but clerical opposition has been swift to protest the nomination.
  • President Ghani has been vocal in his advocacy for more women in government, having appointed two female governors and called for all ministries to appoint female deputy ministers.

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(Image Credit: Sayed Salahuddin/Reuters)

Australia News | Women

Housing in New South Wales domestic violence centers maxed out as government changes reshape landscape of crisis housing
  • In the southeastern Australian state, 90% of the 350 available rooms are full, while Sydney’s accommodations are at capacity.
  • The housing saturation comes as 28,870 domestic violence incidents were reported in the first quarter of the year, including 8 deaths.
  • Center managers report that a recently implemented governmental program has consolidated transitional and crisis housing with generalized homelessness services, leading to a sharp increase in housing demand and more turn-aways.

“It used to be that we were real advocates for women and now we are quite fearful of saying anything at all. We have to be grateful for every cent that we get.”

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(Image Credit: NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, via The Sydney Morning Herald)

Kenya News | International Visitors

Kenya transitions to electronic visa system, easing visa acquisition for foreign visitors
  • Launched at the beginning of July, the new system aims to improve the efficiency of the visa application process by digitizing the application, payment, and issuance cycle.
  • The e-visa will operate alongside the old visa until September 1, allowing travelers with upcoming trips to enter under previous policies.
  • The transition comes on the heels of the digitization of the passport application process for Kenyans through its new e-citizen system.

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China News | Immigrants

Shanghai implements new long-term visa policies for foreign workers
  • A new five-year work visa has opened up for foreign workers skilled in areas like science and innovation.
  • The new immigration policy also features the option for workers to apply for permanent residence after having lived in the city for three years.
  • Previously, only around 2,500 immigrants received permanent residence in Shanghai because of high application barriers.

“So if you come here to China and your children are in high school, and you’re reaching the end of your five-year visa and they are about to go to high school, and you’d like to stay longer and see them through high school, then you can. And that’s really important for a family to be able to stay longer.”

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U.S. News | Latinos

Latino students outpace white counterparts in admissions for second year in a row in the University of California system
  • This year, 30% of the 92,324 students admitted into the nine-school system were Latino, while 25% were white, 36% were Asian, and 4% were black.
  • Latino students comprise over 50% of K-12 public school students in California.
  • The Irvine, Merced, and Riverside campuses–already the schools with the highest Latino enrollment–added more Latino students this year, while enrollment fell across other campuses.

“As a majority-minority state, where one in two children under the age of 18 is Latino, we simply cannot meet our economic or workforce needs without ensuring significantly more Latino and black students are admitted to the UC, including flagship institutions like UCLA and UC Berkeley.”

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South Africa News | HIV & Diabetes

Cape Town campaign brings HIV testing to busy public spaces
  • The Target 5000 Campaign has set up mobile tents at Cape Town’s main train station, where nurses conduct screenings for HIV, tuberculosis, and diabetes and counselors provide sexual health information and tools.
  • Coordinators target busy public spaces such as train stations, shopping malls, and taxi stands to maximize convenience and visibility in a nation that still sees individuals falling through the crack as infection rates fall.
  • The campaign aims to get 5,000 tested in three months as a part of its work towards UNAIDS’ 90-90-90 targets for 90% of people with HIV to know their status, 90% of positive individuals to be receiving antiretroviral treatment, and 90% of those receiving treatment to have viral suppression by 2020.

“It’s been fantastic. People are getting tested who wouldn’t typically go to a clinic for an HIV test. Over half of the people who have come to get tested are men. Many young people and people who are not aware of any signs or symptoms of disease are popping in. We’re providing early case detection and linkage to HIV care.”

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