Image Credit: Abdelhak Senna/EPA, via The Guardian

Morocco News | Women

Two women charged with indecent dress head to trial in Morocco
  • The women were arrested in Agadir in mid-June after passersby reported them for wearing too tight of dresses.
  • One women’s organization leader reported that 500 lawyers signed up to represent the women, but only 200 could fit into the courtroom
  • With “public indecency” and “gross indecency” offenders subject to up to two years of jail time, protests in solidarity with the women are set to take place in Agadir and Casablanca later in the week.

“The only sensible thing here would be for the case to be dropped and police officers in Morocco instructed not to make arrests in cases like these in the future. Meanwhile, the authorities need to set about amending a whole range of highly discriminatory laws including on rape, abortion, divorce and child custody.”

Read the full story at the Guardian.

(Image Credit: Abdelhak Senna/EPA, via The Guardian)

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