Afghanistan News | Women

Afghanistan’s first female nominee to Supreme Court rejected by Parliament
  • Beyond a capitulation to conservative opposition, the rejection signals a deepening challenge to Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s political agenda.
  • While women’s rights advocates hope for another female nomination, others fear more general rollbacks of rights and protections for women following the withdrawal of foreign troops from the country.

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Myanmar News | Muslims & Interfaith

Myanmar passes controversial law restricting interfaith marriage
  • The law requires partners of different faiths to register their intent to marry with the government, after which they can marry only if there are no objections following public notice of the engagement.
  • Violation of the law could lead to imprisonment, which has led to an outcry from rights organizations who slam the law as discriminatory against ethnic minorities and women.
  • Proposed by the Association for the Protection of Race and Religion, the law claims to focus on the protection of Buddhist women from being coerced into interfaith marriages and losing their rights.

“This kind of law shouldn’t be issued by parliament because it is not an essential law for all ethnic [groups] in Myanmar; it is just a law that discriminates against ethnic people when it comes to religion.”

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(Image Credit: AFP, via Radio Free Asia)

Zimbabwe News | Intellectual Disability

Zimbabwe organizations fight for sexual rights and education for people with intellectual disabilities
  • A recent panel in Harare focused on access to sexual reproductive health and HIV services for people with disabilities in Zimbabwe, who face marginalization due to lack of understanding about the spectrum of intellectual disability.
  • One leader of the Zimcare Trust, an organization focused on the empowerment of people with intellectual disabilities, noted that the legal and social infantilization of people with intellectual disabilities led to their being ill-informed about their own sexual health, increasing the likelihood of disease and pregnancy.
  • The National AIDS Council indicated it has established a special desk to ensure access to reproductive and HIV services.

“There is a thin line between Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act that regards a sexual encounter with a ‘mentally incompetent’ person as rape and a person with intellectual challenge choosing to have sex. … Persons with disabilities are regarded as perpetual minors no matter how old hence have no access to SRH [sexual and reproductive health] services.”

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Australia News | Seniors & People with Disabilities

New housing development in New South Wales looks to ease later-in-life care for people with disabilities with aging caretakers
  • The Pathways Project is a development providing housing units for people with disabilities and their aging family caretakers in a specially designed community.
  • The development allows families to continue to choose their disability services independently through the National Disability Insurance Scheme.
  • Ground broke on the project in February and is set to be completed by November, with its first residents by the end of the year.

“We really want to share what we’re doing because if it means there will be more accommodation for people who are ageing with a disability then that’s a wonderful thing.”

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(Image Credit: The Pathways Project, via Australian Ageing Agenda)