Snapshot: United States

U.S. Snapshot

Nearly 250 years after its founding, the United States of America has transformed from a fledgling band of rogue British colonies into the world’s foremost political and economic superpower.  With that success, however, came the near-eradication of indigenous Americans, the enslavement and disenfranchisement of Africans and their descendents, the exclusion of women from public life, longstanding discrimination against targeted immigrant groups, and the criminalization of sexual minorities.  Over the last century, one of the world’s most multicultural countries has been engaged in the long, difficult process of dismantling the structures of disempowerment that have permeated American social, political, and economic life.

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U.S. Feature | Gay

(Dis)connecting Speech and Sexuality

The New York Times takes a look at the cultural perceptions and scientific realities of speech and sexual identity’s intertwining.  Featuring two men with different speech patterns and experts in the social origins of speech, the short op-doc investigates early speech formation and its social effects.

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U.S. Perspectives | Undocumented Immigrants

Define American: Coming Out

Non-profit group Define American has launched a media campaign focused on the stories of undocumented immigrants in the U.S. Confronting difficult questions of national identity, visibility, and integration, the campaign is soliciting the stories of undocumented individuals ready to share their personal experiences to advance the cause of U.S. immigration reform.

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