Image Credit: Zhang Ling/Xinhua Press/Corbis, via The Guardian

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British, South African, and Indian tourists deported from China following arrest and detention
  • Visiting China via a South African charity group, the group of 20 were arrested in Inner Mongolia after visiting the Genghis Khan Maosoleum in Ordos.
  • Authorities suggested that they had been arrested on suspicion of connection to terrorism and viewing terrorist propaganda associated with Genghis Khan.
  • The tourists were allegedly detained and denied access to embassies, outside communication, or legal representation.

“The peace-loving group of people aged 33 to 74 believe only in love and the unity of the human spirit. [They] were on a private sightseeing tour in China to see the ancient and modern wonders, and learn and experience new cultures.”

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(Image Credit: Zhang Ling/Xinhua Press/Corbis, via The Guardian)