Germany News | Refugees & Immigrants

German anti-immigrant protesters and their opponents lock horns as anti-refugee violence continues
  • Far-right demonstrators clashed with opposition in Frankfurt an der Oder and Dresden, leading to injuries and multiple arrests.
  • Ongoing anti-immigrant sentiment has led to violence against refugees throughout Germany, including arson attacks on shelters.
  • In Frankfurt an der Oder, resources have been strained as authorities struggle to build shelters and expand schooling capabilities quickly enough to accommodate the intake of refugees.

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U.S. Feature | Guest Workers

The Low Tide of Slavery

The low-skilled counterpart to the U.S.’s highly promoted H1-B program, the H-2 visa program brings guest workers to the U.S. to fill low- or unskilled labor positions, including farm work, construction, household maintenance, and elements of the food harvesting supply chain. BuzzFeed News investigates how limited enforcement of regulations and workers’ unbreakable tie to their employer while in the country exacerbate employer-employee power inequalities in the program, leaving guest workers vulnerable to slavery-like exploitation including wage undercutting, visa and passport withholding, illegal fee leveraging, basic resource deprivation, and more insidious threats like sexual violence and death.

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U.K. Perspectives | Schizophrenia

First Person: When Schizophrenia Arrives

Daniel Smith shares his experience of the arrival of acute schizophrenia in his life, from the early warning signs through his first psychotic break to treatment and management.  Providing a glimpse of the complex emotional development and life adjustments such an arrival catalyzes, Daniel discusses the importance of acceptance, ownership, and disclosure as a part of the management process.

“Being a master of disguise … is nothing to be proud of.”

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(Image Credit: Wellcome Images, via VICE)