Image Credit: Philippe Huguen/AFP, via France 24

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Migrant situation in Calais deteriorates as French and British authorities bicker over responsibility
  • Reports indicate that more than 2,000 migrants have been taken from the Eurotunnel premises connecting France and the U.K. over the last few days, although a police union stated those numbers may be inflated due to migrants making multiple attempts.
  • One man was killed and another electrocuted during the surge in attempts, while 148 made it to the U.K. side and declared asylum.
  • While France demands more border and repatriation support from the U.K., around 5,000 migrants and refugees–mostly from Africa and the Middle East–have been living in poor conditions in camps around Calais.

“It was pandemonium. … They were pouring through holes in the fences and clinging on to the Eurotunnel trains.”

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(Image Credit: Philippe Huguen/AFP, via France 24)

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