Armenia News | Women

Armenian ministry proposes ban on sex-selective abortion along with additional restrictions
  • The Ministry of Health submitted the bill to parliament at the beginning of July, hoping to become the first country to enact the protective measure in the South Caucasus.
  • The ban would require doctor’s consent for all abortions between the 12th and 22nd weeks of pregnancy and would require counseling and a three-day waiting period.
  • One estimate puts the number of sex-selective abortions at 2,000 per year, producing a male-to-female birth ratio of 114 to 100, the third highest in the world.

“Having a son is one of the most important issues for many Armenian families, and I highly doubt that it will be possible to get results [and end selective abortions] by using prohibitions.”

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(Image Credit: Anahit Hayrapetyan/EurasiaNet)

New Zealand News | Indian Immigrants

Indian nationals receive extortionate phone calls in New Zealand
  • Individuals posing as immigration officials have been targeting immigrants over the phone, threatening deportation unless payment is received.
  • The scams involve using phone numbers similar to the Immigration Contact Centre and demands for money transfers through Western Union.
  • Immigration New Zealand issued a reminder that they would never ask for payment over the phone and that such illegal activity should be reported to the police.

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U.S. News | African Americans

Cincinnati community speaks out on ongoing police harassment following killing of unarmed black man
  • A University of Cincinnati police officer was indicted on murder charges following a traffic stop involving a missing front-end license plate.
  • Residents decried targeting by campus police at the University of Cincinnati, where only 7% of students are black compared to 45% in the city population.
  • Off-campus patrols were increased in 2013 following a statement by the UC president that community residents and student activists believe inflamed town-gown relations.

“Instead of inclusion, there’s this culture of class that UC has created. … It’s like the people in the outside communities are voiceless to the administration and the administration just wants them to stay out of the way.”

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(Image Credit: William Philpott/Reuters, via BuzzFeed News)

Israel News | LGBT

Assailant stabs six at Jerusalem Pride
  • Yishai Schlissel, an ultra-Orthodox Jew, had been released from prison three weeks earlier for good behavior after having been imprisoned for stabbing three at 2005’s Jerusalem Pride.
  • Schlissel had released a threatening letter and railed against the celebration in an interview prior to the event, which is attended by thousands.
  • While politicians denounced the attack, attendees sharply criticized the police for the lack of security precautions given Schlissel’s release.

“We won’t allow a single excuse for violence of any kind. Jerusalem is a place for all, and we will continue to fight together with the Israel Police against all who attempt violence to harm another. … We will continue to support all groups and communities in Jerusalem and won’t be deterred by those who try perverse ways to prevent this.”

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(Image Credit: Screen capture/Channel 2, via The Times of Israel)