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West Bank arson attack suspected to be work of Jewish extremists leaves Palestinian infant dead and family critically injured
  • Witnesses reported Israeli settlers firebombed two homes in the town of Duma around 2 a.m., leading to the infant’s death and the serious injury of his parents and 4-year-old brother.
  • The government was swift to condemn the violence as “an act of terrorism in every respect,” but Palestinian leaders called for the Israeli government to be held responsible as it continues to green-light Israeli settlement expansion in the West Bank.
  • The act was the latest in a string of violent acts traded between Israelis and Palestinians in the West Bank, where mosques have been burned and an Israeli man murdered in the last month.

“Your soul cries out and cannot find solace — the murder of a child by Jews and the burning of a house is the murder of Abu Khdeir all over again.”

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(Image Credit: Alaa Badarneh/European Pressphoto Agency, via The New York Times)