Pakistan News | Children

At least 12 men arrested in widespread child abuse scandal in Pakistan
  • The men are accused of sexually abusing 280 children and blackmailing their families.
  • Charges detail how the abuse was captured on film, which was then used to extort money from parents.
  • Families accuse the police of failing to act on information they had received, with some alleging a cover up.

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Kazakhstan News | Dissident Workers

Kazakhstan police detain protesters attempting to launch an anti-corruption demonstration
  • Around 10 protesters were rounded up in the street and carried away to detention by police.
  • The demonstrators identified themselves as construction workers protesting the exclusion of construction firms from the market by the government.
  • Rights watchdogs have criticized the country for widespread corruption and intolerance of dissent

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Germany News | Journalists & Dissidents

Germany drops treason investigation against website
  • Germany’s former top prosecutor had been pursuing charges against for allegedly leaking state secrets.
  • That prosecutor was recently replaced, and his acting replacement determined that the site’s posting of documents detailing government plans to ramp up surveillance of online communities did not constitute state secrets.
  • The case prompted worldwide response from journalists, who argued the investigation stifled press freedom in the democratic country.

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Greece News | Migrants

Migrants clash with police on Greek island of Kos
  • Police used fire extinguishers and batons against the migrants after hundreds began protesting in the streets of the small island just off the coast of Turkey.
  • More than a thousand migrants had gathered at a stadium to await immigration papers and grew frustrated by the slow process.
  • The tensions followed a Greek police officer’s suspension the previous day for assaulting a Pakistani migrant.

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China News | Tibetans

China permanently resettles Tibetan nomads in controversial program
  • The government argues the resettlement program is an attempt to bring the benefits of development–education, healthcare, and economic opportunity–to Tibetans, who have had a historically pastoralist culture.
  • While some young Tibetans expressed hope at the move to new regions like Ngaba, activists argue that Tibetans were given little choice in the move and that the government is using the resettlements to control the Tibetan population more closely.
  • Despite claiming it has no interest in suppressing Tibetan religious beliefs, China continues to outlaw expressed allegiance to the Dalai Lama, considered a terrorist.

“It’s much easier to enforce administrative control over settled communities than over nomads in the grasslands, and also the Chinese authorities have aligned the policy with specific political objectives of eliminating separatism and eliminating expressions of Tibetan nationalism.”

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(Image Credit: Natalie Thomas/Reuters)

U.K. News | Polish Immigrants

Polish immigrants in the U.K. launch #PolishBlood blood donation campaign to combat anti-immigrant sentiment
  • Andrzej Rygielski developed the idea as a productive protest against rising anti-immigrant activity in the U.K.
  • The protest is promoted as a positive demonstration in contrast to the planned workers’ strike next week.
  • More than 1,000 have pledged to donate blood on August 20, which the National Health Service says will begin helping to address the more than 200,000 donors who still need to be recruited this year.

“It seems that thousands of Poles and other people have joined the Polish blood campaign, not just in opposition to the strike but to show that Polish and migrant energy can be harnessed to achieve positive and extraordinary things – and that is what we should be aiming for. Not for division, not for hatred, not for inequality – but for inclusiveness, positivity and tolerance.”

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U.S. News | African Americans & Journalists

Protests and arrests in Ferguson, Missouri, mark the anniversary of Michael Brown’s death
  • Police have arrested more than 30 over two nights (including reporters) as hundreds of protesters have marched, stopped highway traffic, and clashed with police in memory of the events that transpired last summer.
  • Nearly 60 more were arrested for a sit-in outside of the St. Louis federal courthouse.
  • The county executive declared a state of emergency following the outbreak of gunfire and police response during demonstrations that led to the critical wounding of an 18-year-old male.

“Charging a reporter with trespassing and interfering with a police officer when he was just doing his job is outrageous. … You’d have thought law enforcement authorities would have come to their senses about this incident.”

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(Image Credit: Jeff Roberson/AP, via BuzzFeed News)

Europe News | Migrants & Refugees

European Commission announces 2.4 billion in funding support as transregional migration surge continues
  • The aid will be disbursed over six years, with the two countries most acutely affected to receive the largest share: 560 million for Italy and €473 million for Greece.
  • France will receive €27 million later in the month, and the U.K. already received €20 million in emergency aid in March.
  • France and the U.K. are expected to use the funding they have received to address the situation in Calais, the departure point for many migrants looking to cross into Britain.

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