Image Credit: Manpreet Romana/The New York Times

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Indian activist targeted by government investigations during pursuit of PM for negligence during 2002 massacres
  • Rights activist Teesta Setalvad has been seeking to hold PM Narendra Modi responsible for negligence and conspiracy during the 2002 riots that left more than 1,000 dead–many of them Muslim–in Gujarat, where Modi was chief minister.
  • Setalvad has been subject to numerous unannounced searches, bank freezes, mobility restrictions, interrogations, and lawsuits by government bodies and Modi’s allies.
  • Tensions have also led to government monitoring of and restrictions on international NGOs including the Ford Foundation, from whom Setalvad received funding for projects unrelated to her battle with Modi.

“What I’m not worried about is them finding anything incriminating against us. … I’m worried they’ll find things we have that incriminate them.”

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(Image Credit: Manpreet Romana/The New York Times)