Myanmar News | Rohingya

Rohingya politician barred from re-election as hundreds of thousands find themselves struck from voting rolls
  • Lawmaker U Shwe Maung, a member of Myanmar’s governing party, was informed by the country’s electoral commission of his ineligibility to run for re-election.
  • The commission claimed Shwe Maung was not a citizen, the result of Myanmar’s recent invalidation of the identity cards held by the majority of the country’s Rohingya population.
  • The mass disenfranchisement of Rohingya has compromised the integrity of the upcoming November elections, which will be the first to include a democratically led party to compete with the military-backed governing party.

“This is the government really stripping them of their last right. … It suits the government’s long-term plan of compelling them to leave.”

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Europe News | Migrants

More than 4,000 migrants rescued off Libya’s coast in coordinated European naval effort
  • The Italian-led effort was responding to distress calls, which led to the rescue of around 4,400 migrants in one of Europe’s biggest operations in the Mediterranean.
  • The migrants had been stranded aboard nearly two dozen overcrowded dinghies and boats.
  • More than 2,300 have died trying to cross the Mediterranean from Africa and West Asia to get to Europe, leading to more proactive rescue efforts by European navies.

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Macedonia News | Refugees & Migrants

Thousands of migrants overwhelm Macedonian border security following the country’s state of emergency declaration
  • Macedonia had declared a state of emergency prior to the event to close its borders to migrants, leaving thousands stranded at the border with little food or water.
  • Border authorities used stun grenades and batons against the migrants, who quickly overwhelmed forces as they attempted to move on through the Balkan country towards Western Europe.
  • There were indications that the Macedonian government shifted to trying to coordinate the transport of migrants through the country to expedite their departure for other European countries.

“In this Europe, animals are sleeping in beds and we sleep in the rain. … I was freezing for four days in the rain, with nothing to eat.”

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U.S. Feature | Undocumented Asian Immigrants

Undocumented Silence

Image Credit: Jill Stephenson/Alamy, via the Guardian
Image Credit: Jill Stephenson/Alamy, via the Guardian

With only 21% of the estimated 87,000 undocumented Asian immigrants having applied for deportation relief under the Obama administration’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, the U.S.’s undocumented Asian community has largely existed in the shadow of the more politically vocal Latino community in immigration activism. The Guardian profiles Jong-Min You, one of the few public faces of the undocumented Asian community, about the causes of this silence and his hopes for his own future.

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