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Bullying among Gay & Bisexual Teenage Males in Japan

A research team at Takarazuka University in Japan conducted a wide-ranging study on the experiences of gay and bisexual men in Japan, with participants ranging in age from 11 to 71.  Researchers found high levels of identity-driven bullying experienced by teenage boys, which they connected to negative reactive behaviors including truancy and self-harm.


Number of gay and bisexual teenage boys in the study


Percent of teenagers reporting having been bullied for their sexual identity


Percent of teenagers who engaged in truancy


Percent of teenagers who engaged in self-harm

41% (2015) vs. 63% (2005)

Percent of teenagers who reported never having learned about homosexuality in school

30% (2015) vs. 23% (2005)

Percent of teenagers who reported being taught negative information about sexual minorities

Full survey sample: ~20,000
ey conductor: Takarazuka University

Read the news story at The Ashai Shimbun.