Image Credit: Roslan Rahman/AFP/Getty Images, via the Guardian

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Singapore repeals ban on short-term stays for HIV+ visitors
  • Singapore lifted a two-decade-long prohibition on HIV+ visitors in the country.
  • While visitors will be able to stay for up to three months on one of Singapore’s short-term visas, those with HIV will be ineligible for long-term or work visas.
  • Singapore, which has 5,000 of its own citizens afflicted with the illness, began repatriating and blocking the entrance of HIV+ travelers through immigration policies similar to those held by Australia and New Zealand.

“While things have improved slightly, we cannot forget that many are still being asked to leave their jobs and are ostracised by friends and family because of HIV infection. Many still suffer alone, and have trouble securing jobs and health insurance.”

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(Image Credit: Roslan Rahman/AFP/Getty Images, via the Guardian)