U.K. Feature | Radicals

Radical in Britain

Contemporary radicalism manifests itself in a variety of ways, with each instance emerging from a unique intersection of race, class, gender, religion, and other dimensions of identity that create specific forms of vulnerability that lead to radical thought and action. BBC examines the diversity of radicalism in the U.K. context, featuring the stories of several who have been labeled (or who self-identify) as radicals, analyses of its causes, and discussions of the controversial methods the government uses to curtail its effects.

The Series:

The Proud Racist
The Man with No Passport
De-radicalizing Adam

South Africa Feature | Chinese Visitors

China in South Africa

One byproduct of China’s increasing political and economic interest in the African continent has been growth in Chinese tourism to African countries. As a result, tour services like those provided by Hanna Han, a Chinese national living in South Africa, have become invaluable as tourists seek a package of interrelated services, including tours, translation and interpretation, and advice. CCTV Africa learns more about how Han came to work in Cape Town and her perspective on the booming Chinese tourism industry in South Africa.

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