U.S. Feature | Syrian Christian Immigrants

Syrian and Christian in New York

Image Credit: Leticia Miranda/BuzzFeed News
Image Credit: Leticia Miranda/BuzzFeed News

Syrian Christians who immigrated to the U.S. before Syria descended into chaos have watched from the sidelines as their families, churches, and hometowns have been demolished in the fight between pro-government and Islamist militant forces, including the Islamic State. BuzzFeed News profiles three in New York who relate the tragedy of watching the world they previously knew as home fall apart.

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Lebanon Feature | Yemenis

From Head to Foot of the Class

Yemeni students who traveled to Lebanon on scholarship for advanced study confronted conditions far less hospitable to their intellectual growth than they had imagined. A Middle East Eye short film features interviews with the students, who describe persecution at the hands of Lebanese authorities as well as mental distress and financial difficulty stemming from the war back home, which has cut many off from their families.

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China News | Dissidents

Protesters gather in demonstration on anniversary of Hong Kong Occupy protests

  • Around 100 rallied near Hong Kong government headquarters on the one-year anniversary of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy Occupy Central mass demonstrations.
  • No plans for the restart of mass protests have been made despite unfulfilled demands for the shoring up of the Hong Kong democratic process.

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Bangladesh News | Italian

Italian man killed in Bangladesh capital
  • Cesare Tavella, 50, was killed in Dhaka by unidentified gunmen in Dhaka’s diplomatic zone.
  • Tavella worked for a Netherlands-based NGO in the city.
  • The death comes at a moment of increased threats from Islamist militants in the country.

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