Image Credit: via Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

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Taliban destroys popular women’s broadcasting station during Kunduz battle
  • Roshani, a women-run radio and television station in Kunduz, was burned to the ground by Taliban fighters as they took the city of Kunduz from Afghan and U.S. forces.
  • Roshani had begun its television broadcasting only two months earlier, offering women-focused sports, entertainment, and cultural programming.
  • In addition to broadcasting, Roshani station director Sediqa Sherzai had been in the final stages of preparing to launch a production training program for women focused on video recording and editing.

“The Taliban erased many years of our efforts to build women’s media in Kunduz. … When things get back to normal in the city, we have to start all over again from zero.”

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(Image Credit: via Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty)