Image Credit: Sunday's Zaman

Turkey News | People with Disabilities

MHP members call for investigation into conditions facing people with disabilities in Turkey
  • Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) deputies called on the Turkish parliament to confront the problems facing Turkey’s 8.4 million–strong disability community, including illiteracy (36.34% of the community) and unemployment (77%), according to a 2002 survey.
  • As state positions set aside for people with disabilities have gone unassigned, accommodations gone unfulfilled, and high financial burdens continued mounting, advocates have criticized the government’s slow response, fueling the MHP’s motion.
  • Women with disabilities face particularly difficult circumstances including public harassment and domestic violence, but have seen their concerns take a backseat in disability advocacy organizations largely run by men.

Read more:
MHP calls on Parliament to investigate problems of the disabled” (Today’s Zaman)
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(Image Credit: Sunday’s Zaman)

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