Image Credit: Ng Han Guan/AP, via The Guardian

Global Feature | LGBT

The Global Fight to End “Reparative Therapy”

Countries around the world are increasingly acknowledging the extreme physical and psychological effects of LGBT “conversion” or “reparative therapy,” pseudoscientific practices including electroshock therapy, sexual violence, and psychological assault run in an effort to purge LGBT individuals of their sexual and gender orientations and identities. From East Asia to the Americas to the Middle East, governments have begun banning such practices, though they continue to run to the financial and psychological detriment of their subjects. The Guardian examines global stories and efforts to dismantle the phenomenon.

Read more:
Electric shocks, rape and submersion: ‘gay cures’ and the fight to end them” (The Guardian)

Additional reading:
A Firsthand Account of the Torture of ‘Conversion’ Therapy” (The Advocate)
‘Gay Conversion’ Therapists Find Safe Haven in Israel” (The New York Times)
Gay conversion therapy, fake doctors to be banned in Victoria” (ABC)
US government calls for an end to LGBT ‘conversion therapy’” (Al Jazeera America)

(Image Credit: Ng Han Guan/AP, via The Guardian)

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