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Sexual Harassment in the Japanese Workforce

A groundbreaking study by Japan’s Health, Labor, and Welfare Ministry surveyed more than 9,600 women between the ages of 25 and 44 on workplace conditions, revealing that women in the Japanese workforce are subjected to high rates of sexual harassment in the workplace. The governmental study comes as Prime Minister Shinzo Abe struggles towards his target of 30% of women in business leadership positions by 2020.

28.7% (full- and part-time) / 34.7% (full-time only)

Percentage of women reporting having experienced sexual harassment in the workplace


Percentage of sexually harassed women who reported having experienced unnecessary physical contact


Percentage of perpetrators who were the women’s bosses


Percentage of women who reported doing nothing in response to harassment


Percentage of sexually harassed women who complained who were demoted or given an unsympathetic hearing

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(Image Credit: AP, via The Japan Times)

China News | LGBT

Gay couple sues for right to marry in China
  • Sun Wenlin and Hu Mingliang have sued a civil affairs bureau for rejecting their attempt to register for marriage.
  • The case, the first challenge to China’s ban on same-sex marriage, was set to take place last month, although postponements and China’s notoriously opaque media climate have impeded word of the case’s outcome.
  • Following the decriminalization of homosexuality in 1997 and its official depathologization in 2001, a small but increasingly visible LGBT community has begun to emerge in China’s urban areas, despite attempts to crackdown on media visibility.

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(Image Credit: Gilles Sabrie/The New York Times)