Image Credit: Darwin Zhou/EPA, via The Guardian

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The Silver Lining of Loss for China’s LGBT Community

The recent dismissal of China’s first case challenging the government’s ban on same-sex marriage would seem to be a disheartening moment for LGBT activism, but advocates point to evidence of a changing culture as reason for celebration. Hundreds traveled to Changsha for the ruling, and rights activists say young Chinese are becoming more cognizant of the need to push for legal recognition.

The encouraging developments continue: a 2014 court ruled against a gay conversion clinic, state media coverage of LGBT issues has increased, an anti-trans discrimination case recently became the first of its kind to be heard in Chinese legal history, and LGBT rights advocacy has grown in the country. Despite the legal loss for partnership rights, advocates have enjoyed the increased visibility of their movement for equal rights and hope to convert it into future legal victories and social acceptance.

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(Image Credit: Darwin Zhou/EPA, via The Guardian)