U.K. News | Underrepresented Communities

U.K. elects most diverse parliament in history
  • 51 MPs of color (black and minority ethnic, or BME) were elected to the House of Commons, an increase of some 25% from the 41 elected in the previous election cycle.
  • 208 women were elected, an electoral record though still only 32% of Parliament, and more than 40 LGBT MPs now form the largest cohort of openly queer politicians in the history of the House of Commons.
  • The new parliament also features the first Palestinian, first female Sikh, four black female, first turban-wearing Sikh, and four openly disabled MPs.

Election results: Record number of black, Asian and ethnic minority MPs elected to parliament” (The Independent | June 2017)

The New Parliament Has More Black, Asian, And Women MPs Than Ever Before” (BuzzFeed News | June 2017)

Election 2017: Record number of female MPs” (BBC News | June 2017)

(Image Credit: Facebook, via The Independent)

Ireland News | Gay Asian-Irish

Irish governing party elects first out gay, Indian-descendent PM
  • The Fine Gael voted Leo Varadkar its new leader, a gay, half-Indian man set to become the youngest PM in Irish history.
  • Varadkhar, 38, was born to an Indian immigrant father and an Irish mother and has become a polarizing conservative firebrand in Irish politics since his first election in 2007.
  • The election has been lauded as a monumental moment for the predominantly Catholic country that in 2015 became the first in the world to codify marriage equality into law through referendum.

Varadkar becomes Irish PM-in-waiting in social, generational shift” (Reuters | June 2017)

Leo Varadkar wins: Ireland set to install first openly gay Prime Minister” (The Independent | June 2017)

From Enda (66) to Leo (38): Ireland set to replace oldest EU leader with youngest” (The Irish Times | June 2017)

(Image Credit: Clodagh Kilcoyne/Reuters)

The Outlas 1,000

It’s unclear how exactly it came to pass, but Outlas posted its 1,000th post one week ago! Now two years old, Outlas has been a challenging, frustrating, humbling, and tremendously rewarding endeavor that has launched the gargantuan project of creating a dynamic, multi-scale, intersectional map of diversity, marginalization, and identity security around the world. The project has evolved dramatically from its origins as a daily news roundup to a “catablog” of micro-developments (truly…micro) affecting the security of vulnerable and at-risk communities around the world.

As a one-person operation, the project has plenty of blindspots, oversights, and generalizations. At its best, however, Outlas can serve as a tool to connect the plights and prospects of hundreds of communities across the globe, united in the fact of their vulnerability even as that vulnerability takes different forms according to context. And Outlas works to provide a map to assist the voluntarily and involuntarily mobile in the world understand how their identities are shaped from place to place by the contexts in which they find themselves.

With countless paths to pursue ahead of us, here is a look at where these 1,000 posts have traveled since April 2015:


Europe (266 posts)
Middle East & North Africa (225)
East Asia (216)
Northern America (181)
Sub-Saharan Africa (158)
Latin America & the Caribbean (127)
Eurasia (122)
Interregional/Global (47)
Oceania (44)

Top Subregions

Western Asia (119)
Southeast Asia (116)
British Isles & Western Europe (116)
Northeast Asia (100)
South America (72)


Nationality & Migration (290)
Race, Color & Ethnicity (255)
Gender (201)
Religion & Belief (190)
Sexual & Gender Minorities (173)
Ideology & Affiliation (115)
Age (67)
Health & Ability (56)
Class & Socioeconomics (25)
Other (8)

Top Identities

Women (181)
Gay (145)
Bisexual (131)
Lesbian (127)
Refugees (111)
Transgender (103)
Muslim (100)
Immigrants (86)
Black (78)
Youth (57)