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Three Moroccan men sentenced to three years in jail for homosexual relations. More from Gay Star News.

PM Tony Abbott affirms general consensus that there will be no referendum on same-sex marriage in Australia because it is a legislative rather than constitutional matter in the country. More from The Guardian.

Official Singapore media authority bans airing of pro-marriage equality song and music video on channels freely accessed by youth.  More from Global Voices.

Study reporting the effectiveness of gay canvassers in persuading anti-marriage equality believers has its data called into question as article retraction is issued.  More from The New York Times.

A community grows in Russia for parents and their gay children, providing a space for discussion and sharing in a country where such dialogue could land them in jail. More from The Guardian.

Gay dating app Scruff to alert users when entering countries with anti-homosexuality laws on the books.  More from Gay Star News.