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Identity is far from an exact science. A mixture of self-identification, physical appearance, heritage, law, affiliation, and social perception, already amorphous identities undergo tremendous variation over context. They disappear and reappear as individuals move throughout the world, traversing local politics and demographic histories that shape and reshape who we are where we are.

The Index chronicles the groups and communities that have entered the Outlas catalog as they have been reported by international sources. While many individual identifiers have multiple additional names, the list has been simplified for organizational purposes. Even so, more than 250 communities, affiliations, and identities are represented here, so browse through to connect with an evolving collection of hundreds of briefs and features highlighting the tremendous diversity of global society.


Class & Socioeconomics


Health & Ability

Ideology & Affiliation


Nationality & Migration


Note: Nationality identifiers cover citizenship laws as well as both nationals and recent generations in the national diaspora. National demonyms also overlap at times with the names of ethnic groups in the country. As such, there is often overlap between national and ethnic identifiers. Nationalities corresponding to partially recognized states are included when recognized by a majority of U.N. members.


Race, Color & Ethnicity

Race, Color & Transethnic Identifiers

Religion & Belief

Sexual & Gender Minorities

Last updated: May 19, 2016

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