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Citations: Black in North Africa

Black in North Africa

Like the color it purports to name, the social label black absorbs, integrates, and obscures distinct but interrelated phenomena: a skin tone of context-dependent shade, a racial classification from bygone times, an ethnic designation, a class marker, an immigration status, an ancestry, a cultural heritage, and an index of historical wrongs still fresh in memory. Black has often served as shorthand for of African descent, but perhaps nowhere most complicates that substitution than a region on the continent itself: North Africa. Continue reading Citations: Black in North Africa

Algeria Feature | Indigenous Berber Women

The Shaped Stories of Ideki

Found in the heart of indigenous Kabyle Berber communities in the Kabylia region of Algeria, the traditional form of Berber pottery known as ideki continues to live on as contemporary Algerian women work with ceramicists to produce the colorful containers. CCTV Africa explores its symbolic language, production process, and threats in the age of globalization.

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