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U.S. Feature | Autism

The Growing Workforce Inclusion of the U.S. Autism Community

Companies like EY, Microsoft, and HP Enterprises have begun launching new neurodiversity initiatives at their firms, with a particular focus on recruiting people on the autism spectrum. The new outreach is welcome by advocates for the autism community, which faces a 58% unemployment rate despite having skills in high demand by employers in the knowledge economy. The Atlantic features an overview of industry efforts at inclusion, including innovation in recruiting, training, and management processes to ensure the successful identification and integration of people on the spectrum into organizations.

Why Some Companies Are Trying to Hire More People on the Autism Spectrum” (The Atlantic | December 2016)

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Specialisterne USA

(Image Credit: via The Atlantic)

South Africa Feature | Autism

Parenting Autistic Children in South Africa

In South Africa, parents of children on the autism spectrum struggle to find support as they attempt to manage the difficulties of parenting children with special needs. Part one of an SABC News special report highlights challenges facing both children and parents, including abandonment, institutionalization, symptom management, controversial treatments, and a lack of resources in the country.

View the video on the SABC Digital News YouTube channel.

Nicaragua Feature | Special-Needs Youth

Empowerment, One Step at a Time

Nicaraguan families with children with special needs including autism and physical disabilities have discovered in psicoballet (“psychoballet”) an empowering form of therapy focused on developing children’s confidence and physical and emotional control. TeleSUR explores the impact of the therapeutic model that has migrated to Nicaragua since its inception in Cuba in the 1970s.

Watch the teleSUR feature on YouTube (in Spanish).

U.K. Feature | Autism

The Autistix

Led by three members with disabilities along the autism spectrum, The Autistix are a U.K. indie band putting a spotlight on some of the great musical talent in the autism community. The Guardian profiles the group, their supportive families, and their sound.

View the video from the Guardian on YouTube.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, featuring a teen with an autism spectrum condition as the main character, wins Tony for Best Play
  • The show also garnered awards for Best Director (Marianne Elliott) and Best Actor (Alex Sharp)
  • An adaptation of the eponymous book published in 2004, the play debuted in London in 2012 and will begin its North American tour next year.

More on this story at Disability Scoop.

(Image Credit: Joan Marcus/Boneau/Bryan-Brown, via Disability Scoop)