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Brussels bombings claims victims from some 40 countries
  • The IS-connected airport and subway bombings in the Belgian capital has left 31 dead and 316 injured to date.
  • Victims have been identified from countries including China, France, India, the Netherlands, Peru, the U.K., and the U.S.
  • Identification has proven difficult given the attack of heavily international bloodlines in the city, as both the open nature of the attacked spaces and the international effort required to obtain material needed for identification slow efforts.

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(Image Credit: Philippe Huguen/AFP/Getty, via The Guardian)

Belgian town sees interfaith support as Muslim community raises funds to help Jewish community reopen shuttered synagogue.
  • Despite not having a permanent mosque of their own, local Muslims rallied to provide the Synagogue d’Arlon, the oldest Jewish house of worship in the country, with 2,400 in assistance after it was shuttered because of structural problems.
  • The funds were presented at an interfaith roundtable discussion on “Living Together” bringing together local religious and secular leaders.

“Jews and Muslims have lived together for centuries. Do you know that the first hydraulic clock was invented by a Jew so that Muslims can observe prayer times? Imams in France protected Jews during war. It is regrettable that religions are used for political purposes and sow discord between men.”

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(Image Credit: Association of Muslims of Arlon, via The Huffington Post)