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Ethnic health groups in Myanmar call for government recognition as new president sworn in
  • The Health Convergence Core Group (HCCG), a coalition eight ethnic and community health organizations, has led the effort to see local health organizations recognized under the new Burmese government.
  • At a conference that brought together 110 people from 21 organizations ahead of the swearing in of Myanmar’s new president, healthcare leaders called for the decentralization of public health services to be more inclusive of healthcare provided by community organizations.
  • Ethnic health groups provide a broad range of services, from reproductive healthcare to health education, that are shaped by the cultural and health specificities of Myanmar’s ethnic minorities.

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(Image Credit: EPA via The Myanmar Times)

U.K. Research | Ethnic Minorities

The U.K.’s Minority/White Wage Gap

The Trades Union Council (TUC), a federation of trade unions in England and Wales, released a report indicating significant disparities in white and minority worker compensation in the U.K. Degreed black workers in particular face acute inequity relative to similarly qualified white peers in the labor market. The findings come as PM David Cameron has publicly committed to tackling systemic racial inequalities.

12.8% (black) / 5.6% (black and other ethnic minorities)

Average pay gap for all workers

23.1% (black) / 10.3% (black and other ethnic minorities)

Average pay gap for degreed workers

14.3% (black) / 17.1% (black and other ethnic minorities)

Average pay gap for workers with A-levels (a secondary-level graduate certification)

11.4% (black) / 13.6% (black and other ethnic minorities)

Average pay gap for workers with GCSEs (a secondary-level graduate certification)

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The Football League, one of England and Wales’ major association football leagues, looks to implement new management diversity initiative.
  • League Chairman Greg Clarke has worked with clubs and managers on reforming the recruitment process to be more inclusive of black, Asian, and minority ethnic (BAME) candidates.
  • Proposals such as a requirement to interview at least one BAME candidate where an application is received mirror the U.S. National Football League’s Rooney Rule.
  • Of the 72 current club managers, only six are are minorities.

“It is our hope that this moment of enlightenment might stir some into adopting best practices in recruitment, appointment and retention to achieve equality and diversity outcomes. Professional football clubs should reflect the demography of their location and the aspirations of the communities surrounding their existence.”

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(Image Credit: Football League/PA, via The Guardian)