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As some call for expansion of laïcité laws in France, observant French Muslim women struggle with discrimination and exclusion from opportunity.  More from The New York Times.

Dutch citizens adopt and care for graves of American WWII soldiers in the Netherlands. More from Public Radio International.

Dutch students in southern Amsterdam take to the streets asking for diversification in their increasingly segregated schools.  More from AFP (via Yahoo! News).

The Week’s Rounds

Israel nixes bus segregation plans, the U.K. takes strong stance against undocumented immigrant labor, Russian bill looks to criminalize abortion procedures, a British Muslim woman takes on ISIS through poetry, Ireland celebrates passing of same-sex marriage referendum, and 35 other stories in this week’s news rounds… Continue reading The Week’s Rounds

The Wednesday Rounds

China confiscates citizens’ passports along its Kazakh border, former South Korean comfort women reach out to Nepal, two Canadian girls fight for a gay-straight alliance, France reexamines its secularist policy, and more in today’s news rounds… Continue reading The Wednesday Rounds

The Monday Rounds

Australian protests against Aboriginal displacement, a Kenyan woman’s footprint on the beer and spirits industry, Thailand’s confrontation of human trafficking, Central Africa Republic’s new forum to heal nation following religiously driven civil war, and more in today’s Rounds… Continue reading The Monday Rounds