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Ireland’s Equality Minister works to secure LGBT employment anti-discrimination legislation for schools and hospitals before the start of the new school year. More from The Irish Times.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel rules out re-introducing same-sex marriage proposals in the country. More from PinkNews.

Report from Equality Network finds nearly half of UK bisexual people have experienced biphobia when attempting to access services in the UK. More from The Scotsman.

Greenland Parliament passes same-sex marriage and adoption rights bill, bringing it in line with Denmark, of whose kingdom it is a part. More from PinkNews.

Poland, slow to accept refugees in the Mediterranean influx, agrees to provide asylum to 60 Syrian Christian families. More from ABC News.

Euthanasia debate in the UK grows as MPs take up assisted-suicide bills and those with chronic, terminal illnesses fight for the right to death on their own terms.  More from VICE.