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U.K. Feature | Men

Britain’s New Dad

The Guardian examines the changing culture of fatherhood in the U.K., with new paid paternal leave, flexible work options, shared parenting practices, and changing cultural attitudes encouraging dads to take on more domestic and familial responsibilities.  As women continue to confront the question while gaining stronger footing in the workplace, men too are beginning to ask: can they have it all?

Read the feature at The Guardian.

(Image Credit: Matthew Farrant/The Guardian)

U.S. Feature | Gay

(Dis)connecting Speech and Sexuality

The New York Times takes a look at the cultural perceptions and scientific realities of speech and sexual identity’s intertwining.  Featuring two men with different speech patterns and experts in the social origins of speech, the short op-doc investigates early speech formation and its social effects.

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U.A.E. Feature | Religious Minorities

Dubai’s Religious Minorities

Though strict in terms of public expression, Dubai has allowed rich, diverse communities to develop behind the walls of churches, temples, and other non-Muslim houses of worship.  The BBC examines the growth of Dubai’s minority religious communities–including various Christian sects, Hindus, and Sikhs–and the extent of the freedoms they enjoy in the rapidly modernizing city.

Read the full feature at the BBC.

(Image Credit: BBC)

Interregional Feature | Bhutanese

Bhutan’s Refugees

Al Jazeera traces the history and future of the more than 120,000 ethnic Nepalis who have been driven from the country by an authoritarian government hostile to their culture and presence.  The feature follows a group of Bhutanese refugees as they make their way from their refugee camp in Nepal to the U.S.

View the full feature at Al Jazeera.