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The Outlas 1,000

It’s unclear how exactly it came to pass, but Outlas posted its 1,000th post one week ago! Now two years old, Outlas has been a challenging, frustrating, humbling, and tremendously rewarding endeavor that has launched the gargantuan project of creating a dynamic, multi-scale, intersectional map of diversity, marginalization, and identity security around the world. The project has evolved dramatically from its origins as a daily news roundup to a “catablog” of micro-developments (truly…micro) affecting the security of vulnerable and at-risk communities around the world.

As a one-person operation, the project has plenty of blindspots, oversights, and generalizations. At its best, however, Outlas can serve as a tool to connect the plights and prospects of hundreds of communities across the globe, united in the fact of their vulnerability even as that vulnerability takes different forms according to context. And Outlas works to provide a map to assist the voluntarily and involuntarily mobile in the world understand how their identities are shaped from place to place by the contexts in which they find themselves.

With countless paths to pursue ahead of us, here is a look at where these 1,000 posts have traveled since April 2015:


Europe (266 posts)
Middle East & North Africa (225)
East Asia (216)
Northern America (181)
Sub-Saharan Africa (158)
Latin America & the Caribbean (127)
Eurasia (122)
Interregional/Global (47)
Oceania (44)

Top Subregions

Western Asia (119)
Southeast Asia (116)
British Isles & Western Europe (116)
Northeast Asia (100)
South America (72)


Nationality & Migration (290)
Race, Color & Ethnicity (255)
Gender (201)
Religion & Belief (190)
Sexual & Gender Minorities (173)
Ideology & Affiliation (115)
Age (67)
Health & Ability (56)
Class & Socioeconomics (25)
Other (8)

Top Identities

Women (181)
Gay (145)
Bisexual (131)
Lesbian (127)
Refugees (111)
Transgender (103)
Muslim (100)
Immigrants (86)
Black (78)
Youth (57)

The Mid-week Rounds

Protests in Saudi Arabia following the anti-Shiite suicide bombing, assisted suicide debates in the U.K., Myanmar’s anti-Rohingya protests, Russia’s community for parents and their gay children, immigration reform’s stumble in the U.S., Dubai’s motorcycle women, and 45 other stories in this week’s news rounds… Continue reading The Mid-week Rounds

The Week’s Rounds

Israel nixes bus segregation plans, the U.K. takes strong stance against undocumented immigrant labor, Russian bill looks to criminalize abortion procedures, a British Muslim woman takes on ISIS through poetry, Ireland celebrates passing of same-sex marriage referendum, and 35 other stories in this week’s news rounds… Continue reading The Week’s Rounds

The Thursday Rounds

The rise of the “others” in the UK, Lebanese immigrants’ success in Canada, LGBT anti-discrimination events in Kyrgyzstan, compulsory Chinese in Zimbabwean education, and more in today’s news rounds… Continue reading The Thursday Rounds

The Thursday Rounds

Black Brazilian youth’s vulnerability to homicide, child grooms in Cambodia, police raids on Bosnian Muslims, a ruling on physician-assisted suicide in South Africa, and more in today’s Rounds… Continue reading The Thursday Rounds

The Wednesday Rounds

Alleged racism in English football personnel practices, the women among the most influential young Arabs, Germany’s struggle to eradicate xenophobic activity, China’s crackdown on Muslim identity, and more in today’s Rounds… Continue reading The Wednesday Rounds

The Tuesday Rounds

Launch of U.S. alliance targeting young men of color, global climate change’s gender-disproportionate effects, labor exploitation in Australia, findings from a report on international religious freedom, identifying global child disability, and more in today’s Rounds… Continue reading The Tuesday Rounds

The Saturday Rounds

The European immigration crisis dominated much of the international news cycle this week, with ascendant coverage about continued unrest in the U.S. as new clashes between police and communities erupt. Here’s a look at the developments reporters delivered to our screens this week about the events and conditions impacting minority communities around the world. Continue reading The Saturday Rounds