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Tanzania News | Indian

Tanzania president seizes passports of Indian workers for project delays
  • President John Magufuli ordered the seizure of the passports of employees of Overseas Infrastructure Alliance until the water project they are overseeing is complete.
  • The project, based in the southern town of Lindi, was originally set to be completed by March 2015.
  • The seizure comes as the president has aggressively pursued measures to cut wasteful spending and target corruption while courting foreign businesses.

Tanzania’s Magufuli orders seizure of expatriate construction workers’ passports” (Reuters | March 2017)

U.S. News | Indians

Man kills two Indian-born engineers in Kansas hate attack
  • Srinivas Kuchibhotla and Alok Madasani, both employees at the tech company Garmin, were shot and killed by Adam Purinton in Olathe, Kansas as anti-immigrant sentiment surges in U.S.
  • Eyewitnesses reported that the killer believed the men to be of Middle Eastern descent and shouted “go back to your country” before the attack.
  • A third man, Ian Grillot, was injured after being shot while attempting to defend the men.

Hate Crime Is Feared as 2 Indian Engineers Are Shot in Kansas” (The New York Times | February 2017)
Man charged with killing Indian said to have shouted ‘go back to your country’” (The Guardian | February 2017)
After this, do we really need to go and work in the U.S., asks father of Indian injured in Kansas shooting” (The Hindu | February 2017)

(Image Credit: Amy Stroth/The New York Times)

Bangladesh News | Foreigners

Terrorist attack and standoff in Bangladesh kills at least 20, injures 30
  • Seven gunmen attacked the Holey Artisan Bakery, a popular restaurant in Dhaka’s diplomatic quarter, and took hostages for 11 hours before security forces stormed in.
  • The restaurant was popular with immigrants and other foreigners, and gunmen allegedly ordered Bangladeshis to stand before attacking foreign patrons including Italians, Japanese, Indians, and Sri Lankans.
  • The attack, claimed by the Islamic State, is the largest in an escalating series targeting secularists, gay activists, foreigners, and religious minorities in the country.

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20 Hostages and Six Gunmen Killed in Bangladesh Attack” (The New York Times)
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Fate of seven Japanese among Bangladesh hostages unknown after siege ends” (The Japan Times)

(Image Credit: Reuters, via The Japan Times)

Belgium News | Foreigners

Brussels bombings claims victims from some 40 countries
  • The IS-connected airport and subway bombings in the Belgian capital has left 31 dead and 316 injured to date.
  • Victims have been identified from countries including China, France, India, the Netherlands, Peru, the U.K., and the U.S.
  • Identification has proven difficult given the attack of heavily international bloodlines in the city, as both the open nature of the attacked spaces and the international effort required to obtain material needed for identification slow efforts.

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Brussels bombings claim casualties from over 40 countries” (Reuters)
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Brussels attacks victims may not be identified for weeks” (The Guardian)

(Image Credit: Philippe Huguen/AFP/Getty, via The Guardian)

Malaysia News | Chinese & Indian

Pro-Malay, pro-government rally targets ethnic Chinese and Indian Malaysians
  • Thousands of Malays took to the streets in Kuala Lumpur, drawing fire from police water cannons after voicing anti-Chinese and anti-Indian sentiment and trying to break through barricades to the city’s Chinatown.
  • The demonstration took place in support of embattled Prime Minister Najib Razak, who has lost support from most of the ethnic minority communities after coming under fire for allegedly embezzling $700 million.
  • Malays make up 60% of Malaysian society, with ethnic Chinese comprising 25% and ethnic Indians 10%.

“I am here to defend Malay dignity and dominance. … We must not let others take over our country.”

Read the full AP story at Yahoo! News.

(Image Credit: AP Photo, via Yahoo! News)

India Perspectives | Jewish Indian

Jewish in India

Nathaniel Jhirad shares his perspective on growing up Jewish in India, a country where the religions of the world often find themselves in close quarters. From Muslim-majority Jewish schools to overlapping calls to prayer, Nathaniel offers an optimistic view on interfaith relations in the world’s second-largest nation.

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(Image Credit: Nathaniel Jhirad, via Forward)

New Zealand News | Indian Immigrants

Indian nationals receive extortionate phone calls in New Zealand
  • Individuals posing as immigration officials have been targeting immigrants over the phone, threatening deportation unless payment is received.
  • The scams involve using phone numbers similar to the Immigration Contact Centre and demands for money transfers through Western Union.
  • Immigration New Zealand issued a reminder that they would never ask for payment over the phone and that such illegal activity should be reported to the police.

Read the full story at The Times of India.

U.S. Feature | Guest Workers

The Low Tide of Slavery

The low-skilled counterpart to the U.S.’s highly promoted H1-B program, the H-2 visa program brings guest workers to the U.S. to fill low- or unskilled labor positions, including farm work, construction, household maintenance, and elements of the food harvesting supply chain. BuzzFeed News investigates how limited enforcement of regulations and workers’ unbreakable tie to their employer while in the country exacerbate employer-employee power inequalities in the program, leaving guest workers vulnerable to slavery-like exploitation including wage undercutting, visa and passport withholding, illegal fee leveraging, basic resource deprivation, and more insidious threats like sexual violence and death.

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(Image Credit: Ken Bensinger/BuzzFeed News)

China News | International Visitors

British, South African, and Indian tourists deported from China following arrest and detention
  • Visiting China via a South African charity group, the group of 20 were arrested in Inner Mongolia after visiting the Genghis Khan Maosoleum in Ordos.
  • Authorities suggested that they had been arrested on suspicion of connection to terrorism and viewing terrorist propaganda associated with Genghis Khan.
  • The tourists were allegedly detained and denied access to embassies, outside communication, or legal representation.

“The peace-loving group of people aged 33 to 74 believe only in love and the unity of the human spirit. [They] were on a private sightseeing tour in China to see the ancient and modern wonders, and learn and experience new cultures.”

Read the full story at The Guardian.

(Image Credit: Zhang Ling/Xinhua Press/Corbis, via The Guardian)

India & Bangladesh News | Immigrants & Nationals

Indian and Bangladeshi enclave residents decide on citizenship as deadline nears
  • In May, India and Bangladesh agreed to return enclaves within their respective borders to one another.
  • More than 50,000 enclave residents must now choose which citizenship they would like to have by July 31st, which will determine whether they will have to move.
  • Despite having officially been citizens of their country of national origin, the residents have effectively been stateless as they lack access to public services in their country of residence.

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(Image Credit: via BBC)

Qatar News | Christian Immigrants

Evangelical mega-community in Qatar granted construction permission for church
  • The Evangelical Churches Alliance Qatar (ECAQ), home to a multi-ethnic community of 1,200, will construct its building outside of central Doha.
  • The granting of building permits to churches is a recent phenomenon, with the first officially sanctioned church since pre-Islamic times going up in 2008.
  • Only Abrahamic faiths are officially recognized in Qatar, and within Christianity, churches must belong to a select group of sects or receive sponsorship from one of the recognized sects.

“They have supported us throughout. … The government has been very supportive in providing us permissions to hold worship sessions, meetings and other celebrations like our Family Days over the years.”

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India News | Women

Sex-selective abortion continues to skew demographics and create oppressive conditions for women in parts of India
  • The national average of births is 940 girls per 1,000 boys, while in some western states the number falls to as low as 871 per 1,000.
  • Economic incentives compound cultural attitudes in the decision to abort, including the continued practice of dowry in rural areas despite its outlawing in 1961.
  • The demographic disruption leads to increased oppression of women as they are trafficked to female-deficient areas, so new campaigns have led to increased numbers of girls in orphanages and public shaming of sex-selective aborters.

“People start planning their family in a rather regressive way – instead of counting their numbers, they start counting the children’s sex. What they want, they want. Anything else becomes collateral damage.”

Read the full story at Al Jazeera.

(Image Credit: Rafiq Maqbool/AP, via Al Jazeera)

U.S. & India News | Indian

First Indian-born player drafted into the NBA by Dallas Mavericks
  • Satnam Singh Bhamara, 19, was introduced to basketball by his father while growing up in Ballo Ke, a Punjab village.
  • An early standout due to his extraordinary size (7’2″ and 290 lbs), Bhamara trained at the Indian government-funded Ludhiana Basketball Academy before traveling from India to Florida on scholarship at the age of 14 to the renowned IMG Academy, a player development program.
  • In a league that has 85 international players from 39 countries, Canadian Sim Bullhar became the first player of Indian descent to play earlier in the year when he played in three games for the Sacramento Kings.

“I feel good about it because in India there are a lot of Indian players who could have a chance to come here and play in college and high schools. … I think I can open the door for everyone to come here and play. So it’s good for India and all the players. It’s good for me and my country.”

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(Image Credit: NBA/Twitter photo, via the Hindustan Times)