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Global Events: Black Lives Matter Protests

Black Lives Matter Globally

As a series of controversial shootings of African-American men by police has renewed attention to the Black Lives Matter movement in the U.S., people around the world have stood in solidarity with black Americans seeking to root out racial profiling, excessive use of force, and lack of accountability in U.S. law enforcement. For some, the demonstrations have been defined mostly by a kind of international allyism, but in many parts of the world, the American movement has prompted reflection on the treatment of local black communities—native, historical, and immigrant—by law enforcement, politicians, and broader society. Here is a look at the global demonstrations and solidarity movements in the name of Black Lives Matter: Continue reading Global Events: Black Lives Matter Protests

Australia News | Indigenous Australian

Indigenous lawyer earns Australia’s most prestigious legal title
  • Having just been announced among the new class of silks, Australian barrister Anthony McAvoy is believed to be the only Indigenous lawyer with the title in a country with an estimated 15 Indigenous barristers.
  • Taking silk is a merit-driven process allowing lawyers to add the initials SC (Senior Counsel) or QC (Queen’s Counsel, a Commonwealth title) after their name, designating senior authority.
  • One of 26 who were awarded the status in New South Wales, McAvoy specializes in native title rights.

“For many years there were hardly any practitioners coming through and unless you have practised as a solicitor, making it at the Bar is very difficult. …Without the number of law graduates coming into the practice of law, the numbers would always be low.”

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Australia News | Seniors & People with Disabilities

New housing development in New South Wales looks to ease later-in-life care for people with disabilities with aging caretakers
  • The Pathways Project is a development providing housing units for people with disabilities and their aging family caretakers in a specially designed community.
  • The development allows families to continue to choose their disability services independently through the National Disability Insurance Scheme.
  • Ground broke on the project in February and is set to be completed by November, with its first residents by the end of the year.

“We really want to share what we’re doing because if it means there will be more accommodation for people who are ageing with a disability then that’s a wonderful thing.”

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(Image Credit: The Pathways Project, via Australian Ageing Agenda)

Australia News | Women

Housing in New South Wales domestic violence centers maxed out as government changes reshape landscape of crisis housing
  • In the southeastern Australian state, 90% of the 350 available rooms are full, while Sydney’s accommodations are at capacity.
  • The housing saturation comes as 28,870 domestic violence incidents were reported in the first quarter of the year, including 8 deaths.
  • Center managers report that a recently implemented governmental program has consolidated transitional and crisis housing with generalized homelessness services, leading to a sharp increase in housing demand and more turn-aways.

“It used to be that we were real advocates for women and now we are quite fearful of saying anything at all. We have to be grateful for every cent that we get.”

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(Image Credit: NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, via The Sydney Morning Herald)

Australia News | Indigenous Australians

Western Sydney Aboriginal community health center de-funded by government due to debts
  • The Department of Health announced that it was cutting AUS$2.6 million of funding from the Aboriginal Medical Service Western Sydney, a primary health care center for western Sydney’s indigenous community serving 11,000.
  • A department spokesman said that the department would work with the center over the next three months to transition its patients to other health service providers.
  • AMSWS had been found to have AUS$4 million in debt and had applied for funding from the government’s new Indigenous Advancement Strategy program.

“The Australian government acknowledges that this could be disruptive for patients, many of whom benefit by the community controlled model of care presently offered by AMSWS, but as this service is now no longer viable, every effort will be made to transition patients to other services, including local GPs and mental health and drug rehabilitation services.”

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