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Seychelles News | LGBT

Seychelles overturns sodomy law in victory for LGBT rights
  • The Seychelles National Assembly voted in favor of abolishing a colonial-era law criminalizing sodomy, effectively legalizing same-sex relations in the archipelago nation.
  • Seychelles joins fellow African Union members São Tomé e Príncipe and Mozambique in recent pro-LGBT legal reform.
  • As in most countries around the world, the debate over decriminalization was dominated by religious concerns, with Catholics comprising 76% of the Seychellois population and Anglicans, the second largest religious community, comprising 6%.

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(Image Credit: Patrick Joubert/Seychelles News Agency)

U.A.E. News | Seychellois Visitors

Seychelles added to list of countries whose residents can travel to the UAE visa-free
  • The Indian Ocean archipelago’s 90,000 residents will now be able to travel to the United Arab Emirates for up to 90 days without a visa, with typical restrictions against working or studying applying.
  • Seychelles is the first African nation to be added to the UAE’s visa-free list, and according to one report is the African nation with the highest mobility as measured by passport-power.
  • The UAE is the most popular travel destination for Seychellois, with more than 9,000 trips to the country made in 2014.

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(Image Credit: Wikipedia, via Seychelles News Agency)