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China Feature | Women

China’s Growing Body Art Movement

Changing economic and cultural conditions in socially conservative China have given birth to a burgeoning body art movement, and Chinese women are battling mores to ink up. Shanghai in particular has become the center of tattoo production in the country, with some estimates putting the number of tattoo artists in China’s largest city as high as 2,000. While several ethnic groups (including the Dulong, Dai, and Li) have had historical tattooing traditions, contemporary Chinese body art has emerged from the relaxation of legal and cultural prohibitions on tattooing in China and the resurgence of tattooing in global popular culture. For women in particular, body art has come to mark an assertion of both identity and bodily autonomy. Recent media coverage has chronicled the dismantling of the tattoo taboo and the uptake of body art among Chinese women.


Tattooed and proud: Chinese women peel away stigmas” (Agence France-Pressevia France 24 | December 2017)

Good girls, not gangsters? Tattoos no longer taboo in China” (CNN | August 2015)

Shanghai Inked: The Artists Redefining Tattoos in China” (That’s Shanghai | November 2015)


Wen Shen: The Vanishing Art of Chinese Tribal Culture

China News | Immigrants

Shanghai debuts new work permit relaxing experience requirements for international students
  • The chuangye is one of a series of visa reforms recently rolled out to attract and retain foreign talent in Shanghai.
  • The residence permit waives the two-year experience requirement for international students graduating from a Shanghai university, allowing students to pursue internships or start-up work for two years after graduation while living in the city.
  • The first permit was issued to an Indonesian student, who reported that visa restrictions had proven a significant barrier to fellow classmates looking to remain in the city post-graduation.

Read the full story at Shanghaiist.

(Image Credit: The People’s Daily, via Shanghaiist)

South Korea Perspectives | Black Woman

Ane | South Korea & China

Beauty vlogger Ane recounts workplace reactions to her hair, funny grocery store encounters, and the paparazzi treatment as she shares her experience as a black woman living in South Korea and visiting China.

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China News | Immigrants

Shanghai implements new long-term visa policies for foreign workers
  • A new five-year work visa has opened up for foreign workers skilled in areas like science and innovation.
  • The new immigration policy also features the option for workers to apply for permanent residence after having lived in the city for three years.
  • Previously, only around 2,500 immigrants received permanent residence in Shanghai because of high application barriers.

“So if you come here to China and your children are in high school, and you’re reaching the end of your five-year visa and they are about to go to high school, and you’d like to stay longer and see them through high school, then you can. And that’s really important for a family to be able to stay longer.”

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