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Global Events: Black Lives Matter Protests

Black Lives Matter Globally

As a series of controversial shootings of African-American men by police has renewed attention to the Black Lives Matter movement in the U.S., people around the world have stood in solidarity with black Americans seeking to root out racial profiling, excessive use of force, and lack of accountability in U.S. law enforcement. For some, the demonstrations have been defined mostly by a kind of international allyism, but in many parts of the world, the American movement has prompted reflection on the treatment of local black communities—native, historical, and immigrant—by law enforcement, politicians, and broader society. Here is a look at the global demonstrations and solidarity movements in the name of Black Lives Matter: Continue reading Global Events: Black Lives Matter Protests

Global Feature | LGBT

The Global Fight to End “Reparative Therapy”

Countries around the world are increasingly acknowledging the extreme physical and psychological effects of LGBT “conversion” or “reparative therapy,” pseudoscientific practices including electroshock therapy, sexual violence, and psychological assault run in an effort to purge LGBT individuals of their sexual and gender orientations and identities. From East Asia to the Americas to the Middle East, governments have begun banning such practices, though they continue to run to the financial and psychological detriment of their subjects. The Guardian examines global stories and efforts to dismantle the phenomenon.

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Electric shocks, rape and submersion: ‘gay cures’ and the fight to end them” (The Guardian)

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(Image Credit: Ng Han Guan/AP, via The Guardian)

Australia News | Muslims

Hundreds show up for anti-Islam protest and counterprotest in Bendigo, Victoria
  • Right-wing protesters from the United Patriots Front rallied in the rural Australian town against the proposed construction of a mosque in the town.
  • The protest was met with counter-protest by anti-racism activists, which, though largely peaceful, led to four temporary arrests.
  • A massive police presence accompanied the demonstration, which was a part of a coordinated series of anti-Islam, anti-mosque demonstrations around the world.

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Bendigo mosque: Anti-mosque protesters face off with counter activists” (ABC News)
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(Image Credit: Patrick Rocca/ABC News)

Australia News | Immigrants

Fights erupt as hundreds attend Melbourne anti-immigration rally
  • The demonstration in Melbourne organized by nationalist groups led to confrontations between participants and anti-racism activists, who tried to block the rally.
  • Protest organizers–including Reclaim Australia, the Rise Up Australia Party, and the United Patriots Front–used assimilation as a hinge for their anti-immigrant rhetoric.
  • Police officers used pepper spray to disperse the crowd and arrested four.

“If you think where you come from is better than where you are coming to, shut up, pack up and get out.”

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(Image Credit: David Gray/Reuters)

Australia News | Greek Immigrants

As financial crisis looms, Greeks escape to Australia
  • Tens of thousands have immigrated to Australia in search of opportunity after Greece’s financial collapse has left families in economic ruin.
  • The immigration wave is the largest from Greece since its civil war in the 1940s, which sent more than 150,000 to Australia’s shores.
  • Melbourne, the city with the largest Greek population outside of Europe, has already seen overcrowding and a tightening job market, which could hamper opportunity for arrivals.

“I feel like I’m on a lifeboat and seeing the Titanic sink. … I’m relieved but my people are still on that ship.”

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(Image Credit: Melanie Burton/Reuters)

East Melbourne clinic takes case against the Melbourne City Council to Victoria’s supreme court, alleging failure to exercise jurisdiction over anti-abortion protesters harassing its patients.
  • The fertility clinic claims protesters attempted to impede women’s access to the clinic, which provides other health services like pap smears and fertility testing.
  • Legal questions hinge on the definition of “nuisance” and whether the Council exercised its power to ensure the protection of women seeking the clinic’s services from it.
  • The ruling could have broad impact on council’s interpretation of the state’s Public Health and Wellbeing Act, which could expand councils’ response to protesters statewide.

“Women attending the clinic had the right to access healthcare without harassment, fear or intimidation.”

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