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Global Feature | Black

Traveling While Black

For those with the means, contemporary Black travelers experience a freedom of movement historically circumscribed by oppression, persecution, and economic exclusion. People of African descent have found new footing in the exploding global travel field, with travel motivations ranging from pleasure-seeking to the desire to connect with ancestral homes. Travel abroad is not without its challenges, however: Black travelers recount dealing with stares, hair obsession, and the need to expand conceptions of the diverse places Black people live in the world. As a lifestyle movement coalesces around Black travelers, BBC News explores the unique experiences of traveling while Black, from encounters with strangers to hyper-visibility.

“Our access to travel has been historically tied to colonisation or immigration. We’re paying homage to our ancestors to be travelling on our own free will.”


What does it mean to be a black traveller?” (BBC News | January 2020)

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Egypt News | Vietnamese Visitors

Vietnamese tourists killed in bomb attack in Egypt

  • Three tourists and their Egyptian guide were killed by a roadside bomb blast near the Giza pyramids, which left an additional 10 injured.
  • The tourists had been on their way to a light and sound show at the pyramids.
  • The attack was the first fatal one involving foreign tourists in more than a year, with Egypt’s tourism sector having begun to mount a comeback following years of political turmoil.


Bomb kills three Vietnamese tourists, Egyptian guide near pyramids: officials” (Reuters | December 2018)

Bomb in Egypt Strikes Bus Full of Vietnamese Tourists, Killing 4” (The New York Times | December 2018)

Deadly roadside bomb strikes tourist bus” (CNN | December 2018)

Turkey News | Travelers

Dozens from more than 9 countries dead, hundreds injured after attack on Turkey’s main airport
  • Three suicide attackers killed at least 41 and wounded 239 more in Istanbul’s Ataturk airport in an attack claimed by the Islamic State.
  • At least 23 victims were Turkish, while others killed included people from Saudi Arabia, Iraq, China, Iran, Jordan, Tunisia, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.
  • Over the last year, Turkey has experienced multiple terror attacks as the government faces threats from the Islamic State, political divisions between Islamists and secularists, and violent conflict with Kurdish separatists.

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(Image Credit: Osman Orsal/Reuters, via BuzzFeed News)

Burkina Faso News | Foreigners

Al-Qaeda–linked militants kill more than two dozen in attack on Burkina Faso capital
  • At least 28 were killed when Islamist extremists launched an attack at the Cappuccino cafe and the Splendid Hotel, popular with UN staff and foreign visitors in the capital city of Ouagadougou.
  • At least 18 nationalities were identified among the victims, including Burkinabe, Canadian, French, Swiss, Dutch, and American citizens.
  • Of the 176 hostages freed by security forces, at least 56 were injured in the violence.

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Burkina Faso attack: Foreigners killed at luxury hotel” (BBC)
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Six Canadians killed in Burkina Faso attack, PM Trudeau says” (Reuters)

(Image Credit: AP, via BBC)

India News | Foreigners & Non-Hindus

Court orders Hindu temples in Tamil Nadu to turn away out-of-dress-code visitors
  • The Madras high court issued an order banning jeans, shorts, skirts, leggings, and short sleeves from the 6,000 Hindu temples in the southern Indian state.
  • The court cited a desire to “enhance spiritual ambiance” as the motivation for the ruling.
  • The ruling applies to locals as well as foreigners at what are major tourist attractions, with one temple receiving more than 4 million visitors per year.

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Tamil Nadu temples ring in dress code” (The Hindu)
Hindu temples in southern India enforce western clothing ban” (The Guardian)

(Image Credit: M. Vedhan/The Hindu)

Philippines News | Foreign Visitors

Developing: Tourists in the Philippines abducted at gunpoint
  • Two Canadians, a Norweigian, and a Filipina were taken from the popular Holiday Oceanview Samal Resort near Davao City on the island of Mindanao Island.
  • Though the gunmen have not been identified, peace with Islamist rebels was reached only in 2014, leading to worries of renewed conflict.
  • Authorities indicated that the foreigners had been targeted rather than randomly taken, and police and coast guard operations have been activated to find the abductees.

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Egypt News | Mexicans & Journalists

Egypt muzzles journalists during investigation of killing of Mexican tourists
  • Eight Mexican tourists and their Egyptian guides were killed by Egyptian security forces after allegedly being mistaken for insurgents.
  • International and domestic journalists have been banned from covering the investigation into the incident, leading to criticisms of a lack of transparency.
  • Human rights organizations have condemned Egypt’s military operations in the Western Sahara and Sinai Peninsula, arguing that civilian deaths have been endemic.

“Usually when there is such a ban on publication it has do with very tough cases where one could find evidence or embarrassing information about the involvement of some government high officials or military strongmen.”

Read the full story at the New York Times.

(Image Credit: Mohamed El-Shahed/Agence France-Presse/Getty Images, via The New York Times)

South Africa Feature | Chinese Visitors

China in South Africa

One byproduct of China’s increasing political and economic interest in the African continent has been growth in Chinese tourism to African countries. As a result, tour services like those provided by Hanna Han, a Chinese national living in South Africa, have become invaluable as tourists seek a package of interrelated services, including tours, translation and interpretation, and advice. CCTV Africa learns more about how Han came to work in Cape Town and her perspective on the booming Chinese tourism industry in South Africa.

View the feature on YouTube.

China News | International Visitors

British, South African, and Indian tourists deported from China following arrest and detention
  • Visiting China via a South African charity group, the group of 20 were arrested in Inner Mongolia after visiting the Genghis Khan Maosoleum in Ordos.
  • Authorities suggested that they had been arrested on suspicion of connection to terrorism and viewing terrorist propaganda associated with Genghis Khan.
  • The tourists were allegedly detained and denied access to embassies, outside communication, or legal representation.

“The peace-loving group of people aged 33 to 74 believe only in love and the unity of the human spirit. [They] were on a private sightseeing tour in China to see the ancient and modern wonders, and learn and experience new cultures.”

Read the full story at The Guardian.

(Image Credit: Zhang Ling/Xinhua Press/Corbis, via The Guardian)

U.A.E. News | Black Women

Black hotel visitors receive apology from five-star hotel in Dubai after being asked to leave
  • A Nigerian event manager and her friend had been out for the evening at the lounge in the Mövenpick Hotel Jumeirah Beach, where a waitress reportedly refused to serve them and a security guard told them to leave.
  • The hotel issued an apology for the “misunderstanding” and claimed that such measures were not standard practice at the beachfront hotel.
  • Black women in Dubai face targeting under suspicion of prostitution–particularly at hotels–leading to racial profiling.

“A female staff came out and tried to hush up the matter saying ‘Obama is the President of US’ as if that had anything to do with us. I want the management of the hotel to realise that this isn’t 1930. This is 2015. You cannot walk up to random black women and tell them you will not serve them because they are black.”

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(Image Credit: Wanderforth.com)

Kazakhstan News | International Visitors

Kazakhstan extends visa-free travel to 19 countries
  • Following a successful pilot program over the past year, the Kazakh government has extended visa-free travel for up to 15 days to residents of Australia, Hungary, Italy, Monaco, Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, Finland, France, Switzerland and Japan.
  • Should residents desire to stay longer than 15 days, they will be required to reenter or obtain a visa.
  • The program will last through the end of 2017 and has been implemented as Kazakhstan plans to host two major international sporting and cultural events–Winter Universiade and Expo 2017–in the next two years.

Read the full story at Tengrinews.

(Image Credit: Infopass.ru, via Tengrinews)

U.A.E. News | Seychellois Visitors

Seychelles added to list of countries whose residents can travel to the UAE visa-free
  • The Indian Ocean archipelago’s 90,000 residents will now be able to travel to the United Arab Emirates for up to 90 days without a visa, with typical restrictions against working or studying applying.
  • Seychelles is the first African nation to be added to the UAE’s visa-free list, and according to one report is the African nation with the highest mobility as measured by passport-power.
  • The UAE is the most popular travel destination for Seychellois, with more than 9,000 trips to the country made in 2014.

Read the full story at the Seychelles News Agency.

(Image Credit: Wikipedia, via Seychelles News Agency)

U.A.E. News | Visitors & Religious Minorities

Dubai food courts open for non-fasters during Ramadan, easing restrictions for non-Muslims and non-observants
  • While eating in public during the day is criminalized in Dubai during Ramadan, food courts have been given the legal option to cover their entrances and open their services in designated areas to those not fasting.
  • The allowance is particularly welcome by tourists visiting Dubai’s sprawling malls, now able to eat in one of the Mall of the Emirates’s food courts and the Dubai Mall food court.
  • In addition, non-fasting Muslims including children and those abstaining for health purposes are able to access the designated eating areas.

Read the full story from the Khaleej Times at Yahoo! News Maktoob.

(Image Credit: via Yahoo! News Maktoob)

Turkey News | Korean & Chinese

Turkish nationalists attack group of Korean tourists in Istanbul, believing them to be Chinese
  • Members of the Istanbul chapter of Ülkü Ocaklari, a far-right Turkish nationalist group, broke off from demonstrations in solidarity against China’s treatment of its Muslim Uyghur minority to attack the tourists at the Topkapi Palace.
  • The Koreans had been at the popular tourist attraction as part of a tour group, and police quickly dispersed the attackers using tear gas.
  • Turkey has summoned its Chinese ambassador to discuss concerns over China’s constraint of Uyghur’s religious freedom, which has led to tension and violence in Xinjiang in the northwest of China.

Read the full story at the Hurriyet Daily News.

Kenya News | International Visitors

Kenya transitions to electronic visa system, easing visa acquisition for foreign visitors
  • Launched at the beginning of July, the new system aims to improve the efficiency of the visa application process by digitizing the application, payment, and issuance cycle.
  • The e-visa will operate alongside the old visa until September 1, allowing travelers with upcoming trips to enter under previous policies.
  • The transition comes on the heels of the digitization of the passport application process for Kenyans through its new e-citizen system.

Read the full story at the Daily Nation.